Syzygy (GB: [siz]+[uh]+[jee]) is a collective by artists Sibylle Eimermacher, Mireille Tap, Brieke Drost and museologist Ghislaine Slechta.

The state of ‘syzygy’ is the moment when several celestial bodies are lined up, influencing one another, as in an eclipse.
We represent three generations joining forces to claim our position as female art professionals, sharing the mission of contributing to an experimental and inclusive art climate. We are committed to the intuitive, the intimate, the soft, the act of connecting and vulnerability as power within the art world, and we embrace solidarity. Through exchange and reflection we place our work in perspective, create context and expand our network with fellow artists, curators, organizations and art lovers. We are a nomadic initiative organizing exhibitions in all kinds of spaces, looking for niches in the program, from art institutions to off-spaces. Along this we hold private sessions in public spaces in the city and in nature, scheduled by the cycle of the moon.